Real Estate videography & photography is sure
to find a buyer in no time

Why not let the house sell itself. Real Estate video and photography makes the house buying process easier for the buyer and seller. Our videos provide the potential buyers with high quality, unique footage as well as a virtual tour of the house. This allows for the viewer to fully experience the inner layout and outer surroundings of the house.

Property Photo/Video Package
Up to 2500 sqft - $275
2500-3000 sqft - $300
3000-3500 sqft - $325
3500-4000 sqft - $350

  • Professionally photograph front, rear and main rooms of home (Kitchen, Living Rooms, Den, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Laundry Rooms, Garage)
  • Edit photos for best lighting and color correction and compress for easy upload into the MLS system.
  • Produce up to 1 minute video with footage including a title sequence at the beginning and then end that includes the property address.
  • Upload video to Facebook page using the sales info provided in the request form below. (requires admin rights to page)

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